Blossoming Sea

Eleanor Lee (Spiritual Name: Anjanna Sri)
Nurse Energy Healer
Wellness Specialty
Energy Healing
Unit 1003, 10/F, Austin Plaza, 83 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
400 - 1800

Professional / Academic Qualifications

Registered Nurse Intergrated Energy Therapy Advanced Level Practitioner The Healing Angels of the Energy Field Practitioner Magnified Healing Master Teacher (First Phrase) Omran Institute (Center for higher remembrance) DNA Facilitator

BSc (Hons) Nursing (PolyU) Cerificate of training – Angel Reiki for Children (Founder: Edite Peca and Beatrice Schwartz) Certificate of training – Inner Child Divine Healing Course (Founder: Angel Anastasia) Certification of training – Attraction Reiki (Founder: Stephanie Brail) Certification of training – Self-love Reiki (Founder: Stephanie Brail)

Service Description

Anjanna Sri (Eleanor) is a spiritual practitioner focusing on energy healing and spiritual counselling. Studying under teachers from all around the globe for years has inspired her to formulate her unique practice in energy work. She has been dedicating her work to help people in every aspect of their lives through spiritual means, working with her clientele in 1-to-1 workshops and healing sessions. Her offerings cover a wide selection of issues, from personal growth to interpersonal relationship problems as well as assisting physical and emotional recovery.


Services include:

Energy Healing

Intergrated Energy Therapy for releasing suppressed feelings and limiting cellular memories

Magnified Healing for healing at all levels: physical,emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual.

12-Strand DNA Activation for tapping into one’s potential and uplifting the frequency for a positive shift in life.

Personalized Sessions and workshop for specific issues


Spiritual Counselling

Investigate issues in life via reflection with tarot and oracle cards


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